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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Soccer like its my job

I'm at La Selva. First day. We have a plant tax test tomorrow, so everyone is studying. But not hard enough to skip 5 o'clock soccer. I've played three games so far... happily haven't forgotten everything since middle school.. though the Ticos are good, and some of my fellow gringas haven't gotten the idea through their heads that you don't run full speed into you for the ball... so I have a few bruises. The real soccer injury so far was when Jeremy landed with his chin on Nancy's forehead. He got stitches.. and she had this ridiculous bump on her head, and a black eye and a half from it. Mmm.. all part of the game. So, yeah.. your girl is safe and sound, and is gonna be hella buff if I keep this up for the next three weeks. Finals and papers and all are coming up, though. We'll see. ooohh.. other cool news... yesterday on the way here from Palo Verde, we visited the mangroves. Those trees are so amazing! Some can tolerate three times the salt concentration of seawater. They secrete it from these gland sand crystalize it in their old leaves. Crazy. And they have all these breathing roots for when they get flooded. We got to go hiking around in them, and we went out with this researcher to the center channel of the wetland, where the rhizobium mangroves grow... those are the kind with big arching support roots like 15 ft high. We climbed through all the roots playing lavamonster... best jungle gym ever! And just beautiful.


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