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"It is the journey which makes up your life."

Saturday, February 12, 2005

It's the bailadora from california checking in. I've been having fun. Spanish classes and a little biology to shake it up. I'm definitely still in summer camp mode but I'm starting to have lots of homework too. Alas. The weekend was awsome. I had a tour through the language school to the town of La Fortuna, at the base of Arenal volcano, which you can see spewing lava if it
isn't cloudy. But it was. The best part, however, was going to Tabacon hotsprings. They're the best hotsprings I've ever been to. Steaming pools and jungle plants and beautiful wooden bridges everywhere. After a long bus ride and a touch of a cold, it felt fantabulous. I spent all afternoon lounging around like a mermaid in pools or on rocks when it got too hot. Mmmm. That evening a bunch of us ditched the tour and stayed in hostels at La Fortuna for the night. The one I stayed in was really cool... "Gringo Pete's" run by this old salty texan. It's painted all kinds o colores and had a kitchen and bunkbeds and books lying around all over the place. A hammock in the yard and birds in the morning. I was feeling lazy so I just ran in the morning and then sat around the hostel meeting other travelers and reading, but some other people went hiking and horseback riding yesterday. Then we hitched the public bus back to San Jose. The busses are a trip... basically like old greyhounds, and they run pretty well... but everyone who's waiting for the bus gets on the bus, one way or another, so they jammed the aisles full of people and off we went suffocating for a couple hours untill we got up into the mountains a little more and some people got off the bus. Cooper just got to San Jose too, so I managed to see him last night, and hopefully we can be hanging out a lot for the next couple weeks. I'm starting to get tired of costa rican food. I miss hummus! Chocolate chip cookies! Soup. Bread!! They only eat stale french bread. But the pineaples are hella good. So, that's life.

Happy valentines day all you cute couples! You know who you are... don't do anything I wouldn't do!

And eat all the chocolate chip cookies you want for me.


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