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"It is the journey which makes up your life."

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

J-Walking Like a Pro

It's true! After a month of conditioning to the maniacal driving around here, I can frogger my way across freeways as well as any tico. Maybe it's a good thing they don't believe in traffic lights after all. I've died and gone to Costa Rica. The beach at Manuel Antonio wasn't really real... nothing that perfect could actually exist. White sands, warm aquamarine water, trees growing everywhere, with giant iguanas and sloths and agoutis and monkeys hanging out everywhere. Saturday morning we stumbled upon this beach-side fruit market in Quepos, so we got bread and cheese and fresh avocados, a ton of mangoes, and a pineaple and feasted all day on the beach. At Manuel Antonio we hiked to the farthest beach, where there weren't many people and a point curled around from the north to make a practically enclosed lagoon with warm, gentile water. There was this beach to the south that you could only get to by swimming. Spent the whole day lying there and swimming around the islands in the middle of the lagoon. They gave us free dinner at the hostel that night, and we spent most of the evening walking on the beach and back in the hostel. The next day hiking around the park. Vicki and Cooper both know a hell of a lot about lizards, and we managed to latch on to a lot of guided tours, so we could look at the sloths through their telescopes, and hear interesting things about the monkeys and koatamundis and such. So this weekend was incredible. I think I ended up having the best trip out of the group because the huge group that went surfing in Tamarindo came back exhausted from 7 hour bus rides and bad hotel rooms, and some of the girls had bad encounters with Tico guys in the bars and on the beach. Classes continueas usual. I'm actually procrastinating on my final essay right now... Next week off to the field in Monteverde.


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