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Monday, April 25, 2005

middle-aged men

So, you know how I was sick last week.. guess what I got yesterday... my third throat infection! Woohoo! More antibiotics for me, so I can kill everything thats left in my system. This is an ok one though, because even though my tonsils are the size of golf balls, I dont feel sick and I can still eat. What the hell, though?
On the bright side, I got a kinda creepy offer from a sugar farmer who could have been my dad. We gave him and his sick mother a ride back to their farm from the clinic in the truck, and he was sitting next to me making polite conversation, We made some polite conversation that amounted to "You plant sugar? That's nice. Yes, I study biology" though he had a hick accent and talked fast so it was really hard to understand. And we drop him off maybe twenty minutes down the road, get back to the station, get out of the car and walk strait to dinner... and when I walk in, someone is holding the phone out to me saying its for me. The guy calculated how long it took to drive back... and he called trying to give me his phone number and invite me to go mango picking and horseback riding. Eeewww! Maybe I need a machete after all.

I think all this is rather funny, really. Im in a pretty good mood. The kids who got bitten by vampire bats are back from rabes shots in San Jose, my guitar is still around, and Ive almost finished rewriting my paper. They told me Im not supposed to get much sun while on antibiotics, so I borrowed a really doofy hat from vicky for doing field work in the sun all day today. There are also a million tinasaurs that like to run around on the roof. They just jump right off when they want to get down. Its really funny to see them fly by the


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