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Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Beautiful Day


I went up to Mt. Hood yesterday. The sun broke out this morning and stayed all day... and Oregon glowed green and gold and blue in it the whole day. I woke up early and biked to school to do a day of avalanche school, and we went up blessedly above treeline to ski and dig test holes and practice tranceiver searches. It hasn't snowed since January and the skiing was icy and hard, so we mostly sat and basked in the surprising warmpth. You could see all the way across central oregon, and south down the cascades a line of jagged snowy crowns thrusting above the trees. Mt. Washington. Jefferson. The three sisters. Broken top. Mt. Bachelor. Black Butte.

The sun is setting later these days. We were back in time for me to climb out on my roof with my guitar and watch it. It was beautifully warm and the people on my street were out on their porches eating dinner. If you ever read this, Vimal, I wrote you a song.

And because it was Saturday night, and we had planned it, I treked up to Laurel's house to work on our sculpture. A bicycle powered contraption... complete with water wheels, noise makers, and umbrellas. It is joyfully absurd... and it's coming together nicely. The two of us glued and cut and pounded things until two in the morning, when I finally layed myself down.

I couldn't have asked for a better day.

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